menopausal brain fartA few weeks ago I was at a cartoonists party (at a party with my cartoonist friends) and conversation turned to the limitations of what you can say in a newspaper comic strip. For the record, I am quite proud that I have managed to slip the word “fart” into today’s strip. A feat many others have not been able to achieve. (…yeah, yeah…I know…the things that thrill you when you’re locked up in your basement studio 24-7…)

Writing Comics for a female audience panel discussion!

So what do women want in comics? Listen to my Toronto Comics Art Festival panel mates discuss writing comics for a female audience…along with the occasional tidbit thrown in by yours truly.

What do Women Want? Writing Comics for a female audience (1:03:26, 58mb)

Many thanks to Jaime Coville from thecomicbooks.com for recording!

On this panel was Brenden Fletcher, Sam Maggs, Sydney Padua, Sandra Bell-Lundy, Svetlana Chmakova and the panel was moderated by Lianne Sentar.