One thought on “April 6, 2018

  1. I have been in this situation one time too many times. Three years ago I was in Georgetown Kentucky on Thanksgiving day and I decided to go to Golden Corral for Thanksgiving dinner. I have been eating alone in restaurant’s all of my life, and never gave a hoot what other people thought about it. It wasn’t terribly busy, so I paid my money and took my tray and drink to my table of choice. It was seat yourself day, unless you were part of a big group. Anyway, I sat there and waited patiently for the waiter to come get my ticket off my table like they usually do, and give me some extra plates, or refill my beverage glass. I sat there for 20 minutes and watched the waiter go to every table but mine. He made several trips to my neighbors table at that, all the while completely ignoring me like I wasn’t even their. It was like I was invisible. It was so blatant the way he was treating me. Even my neighbors began to notice that I was being completely ignored. The only difference between me and every body else was that all of the other tables had couples sitting at them. They were also all Caucasian, as was my waiter. After 25 minutes (literally) I grabbed my receipt and took it back to the register and requested a refund. The waitress called the manager because that was protocol, and he asked me what was wrong. I told him that my waiter completely ignored me. He continuously walked past my table several times as he waited on every table around me but mine. He never picked up my ticket that was laying in plain view the whole time, and he never acknowledged my presence period. I told him that I have been to many restaurants all over the country, but I had never been so disrespected before in my life. I asked for my money back, and I told him that I will never return, and that I will make sure to tell any other black people who may ask me if they should dine here to not do it. This Golden Corral us not only racist, it’s sexist also. Because I wasn’t part of a couple, I was completely ignored. Or it was because I am black. Anyway, the manager tried to smooth things over, telling me to let him seat me and wait on me. I told him that it’s too late, to much time had past, it was getting late anyway, and my mood was completely shot. I thanked the manager for trying to make amends, and swore that I would never return as I walked out of the door with my refund. Oh yeah, the manager called my waiter over to ask him why he hadn’t waited on me? He looked perplexed and said “I thought she was waiting for someone else to show up”. “You what?” me and the manager said in unison. “I thought that maybe she was waiting for someone to join her, so I was just waiting for the other people to arrive so that I could take care of everyone all at once.” Yep, dude said this. “So you ignored her for 25 minutes because you were waiting for somebody to join her, when you never took the time to ask her if she were waiting for someone?” He looked like a total ass. He apologized, they tried to give me a free meal coupon, and I told them this. “Kentucky has a bad enough reputation as it is without waiter’s and waitresses like him.” I refused the coupon. I was alone because that young whiteboy from the mountains didn’t see me as a real person obviously. In the mountains men rule, their wives stay at home, and men pay for everything. That’s just an assumption.

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