Freedom 56: My First Year as an Empty-Nester

Freedom header logoI haven’t posted lately.  I’ve been a bit preoccupied and also a whole lot busier than usual.  I’m leaving for Halifax in about ten days to help my daughter get situated for her first year of university.  This means that come September, I will be an “Empty-Nester”. You’ve seen some of the empty-nester issues reflected in Between Friends with Kim’s stepson Danny leaving for school last year.  Susan’s daughter, Emma is in her final year in high school.  So my life has definitely been influencing the content in my comic strip…not as an exact mirror of our circumstances at home but it’s fodder for sure.

Freedom 56 is something a little more personal.  It’s a 4-part graphic essay of my reflections about having the last of my kids leave home.  It appears (appeared) each Saturday in the Toronto Star and the Montreal Gazette.  (August 16-23-30 and Sept. 6)

You can read part one by going here.


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